The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Lake County Illinois is a non-profit, self-help organization of families, friends, users of mental health services, and professionals, dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons affected by neurobiological brain disorders (commonly known as mental illnesses), such as schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, and depression. NAMI Lake County Illinois is affiliated with NAMI National and NAMI Illinois, giving its members support, education and advocacy at three levels: local, state and national. Our mission is to provide support, education, advocacy, and resources to those who suffer from neurobiological brain disorders – including their families. Meetings are open to the public. Please email us at NamiSupport@hotmail.com if you would like to attend an upcoming board meeting.

Board Members:
Mary Jouppi – President
Patti Fuller – Vice President
John Fallon – Treasurer
Sam Johnson-Maurello – Secretary
Carol Frank
Dulce Ortiz
Marshall Jowers
Nicole Scuffman
Miriam Smith
Otelia Schwartz

NAMI Lake County Illinois provides:

NAMI Lake County Illinois offers friendship, understanding, encouragement, and mutual support to all who are faced with a chronic neurobiological brain disorder of a loved one. Family members learn coping skills by sharing their experiences and exploring solutions to common problems. Families and those with neurobiological brain disorders learn that they are not alone, the disorder is treatable, and the illness is not anyone’s fault.

NAMI Lake County Illinois educates through meetings, conferences, training and educational materials for families and professionals. Monthly general meetings feature speakers on topics that educate our members and the community about mental illness and related issues. Speakers and resource materials are provided for meetings of other organizations. NAMI Lake County Illinois members have opportunities to volunteer in programs and community events designed to educate the public and/or aid those who suffer from brain disorders.

NAMI Lake County Illinois brings the needs of persons with a neurobiological brain disorder and the needs of their families to the attention of legislators, service providers, medical staff, and the general public. The organization protects the rights of persons with neurobiological brain disorders and actively presses for improved community support services.

Volunteer Opportunities
Would you like to Volunteer with NAMI Lake County Illinois? We are currently looking for speakers for our Ending The Silence program, a nationally established program that is new to Lake County. Use your lived experience with Mental Illness to inspire high school age students who may be struggling to find help. Training for this program is August 19th, so get your application in now! See our flyer for details, and feel free to print and post it where you think interested people may see it! If you do so, let us know where you’ve posted it so we can keep track. Thanks!

Future Events

We are also looking for family members and friends who have loved ones with a mental illness or professionals who would like to assist our board. If you are interested in making a difference for those with a mental illness, please email us at NamiSupport@hotmail.com.

NAMI Lake County Illinois
c/o Living Faith United Methodist Church
414 N McAree Rd
Waukegan, IL 60085
(847) 249-1515